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Security System Repairs & Upgrades

Whether your security system is self-monitored, only rings a local bell, or is monitored by another company; we are here to help.  Omni repairs most makes of burglar alarm systems including, but not limited to Ademco, ADT, Bosch, DSC, DTI, GE, ITI, Honeywell, FBI, Moose, Morse, Napco, Optex, Radionics, Silent Knight, etc.  Older systems are a specialty, most systems can be kept working for years even when replacement parts seem unavailable. 

CCTV System Repairs & Upgrades

We upgrade, repair and maintain most CCTV systems available today as well as older systems that are out of production, whether we installed it or not.    In almost all cases your existing wires can still be used when upgrading your CCTV system. ​

Security System Monitoring Services

We provide state of the art monitoring services through one of the industry's leading ​central stations.  The service is so state of the art that our customers receive a text message immediately after their alarm is triggered as a first step to either authorize or cancel the police dispatch.  This completely automated step speeds the process therefore drastically reduces the chances of false alarms.can be eliminated by written request via email or traditional mail.  We provide the monitoring service over traditional phone lines as well as internet and cellular connections.  We typically use Alula and Telguard products to transmit the signals via the internet and/or a cellular service depending on the application.  When using the Alula transmitter we can usually offer you the ability to operate your system from your smart phone.  We also offer a line of Alula cameras that work with the same app.  Call or write us for more information on this unique way to upgrade your existing system.


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