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About our company

Welcome to Omni Alarm Solutions, formerly known as Omni Alarm.  Omni Alarm was established by Eric Billings and Gary Brown in the early 80’s as a part time business installing and maintaining residential burglar alarms, our Consumer Affairs license number at that time was ACO-2709.  Omni Alarm incorporated in 2010 and took on the new moniker of Omni Alarm Solutions to better describe the company.  Our current license number with the Department of Consumer Affairs is ACO-7174 and our Contractors State License Board license number is 688241.


We are currently focused on the repairs and maintenance of our existing clients while being available grow our client base by taking on new customers with existing systems.  


While we keep up with industry trends and new technologies we are equally adept with older systems, almost to the point of specializing in keeping older security systems functional for those who prefer to keep their current system in place.  We are more than willing to assess and repair older security systems that other companies may not want to be involved with due to their age or condition.  Don't let those "other guys" tell you it can't be fixed until you check with us first.


While we have clients all around the San Francisco Bay area, we currently limit our services to new clients from Orinda to Discovery Bay and from Martinez to San Ramon.  Omni Alarm Solutions is based out of Concord, CA.

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