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  • Welcome to Omni Alarm Solutions where you a more than just a customer.  With over 35 years of experience in the alarm industry I am confident we can help you with your security system needs, whatever they may be.  We offer CCTV and burglar alarm system repairs, upgrades and installations.  We contract with a local monitoring station that has been in business for well over 30 year in order to provide our customers with high quality alarm monitoring services.

  • Whether your security system is self-monitored, only rings a local bell, or is monitored by another company; we are here to help.  We are even willing to help with the DIY system that you purchased elsewhere.  

  • Our monitoring rates are very competitive and we offer 3 months free on any new 2 year contract, we also offer the same as a reward for any referral that leads to a new monitored customer.

  • We make 1 hour window appointments and also offer the option to call you when we are on the way so you don't necessarily need to wait at the house.  We find that these steps minimizes our customers wait time. 

Call us now at (925)-798-9550

State Licenses

​Consumer Affairs: ACO-7174

Contractors State License Board: #688241

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